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MAA Journals Have New Editor and Editor-Elect

MAA Journals Have New Editor and Editor-Elect

Two MAA Journals enter new phases at the beginning of 2006. Allen Schwenk of Western Michigan University, after serving a year as Editor-Elect, is the new editor of Mathematics Magazine. Dan Velleman of Amherst College is just beginning his year as Editor-Elect of the American Mathematical Monthly.

Allen Schwenk replaces Frank Farris, who concluded his five-year term as editor of the Magazinewith the December 2005 issue. (See the December issue of FOCUS for an account of some of Farris's experiences as editor.) During all of 2005, Schwenk was editor-elect, which meant in particular that all new submissions went to him. That year of preparation should allow him to hit the ground running as he becomes editor.

Dan Velleman is just beginning his preparatory year. Bruce Palka continues as editor of the Monthly for all of 2006, but all new submissions should go to Velleman instead. We hope to include an interview with Velleman in a future issue of FOCUS.

Information on all MAA journals can be found online at . Use the dropdown menu for Publications, then choose Journals to see a menu pointing to each of the journals.

News Date: 
Monday, January 9, 2006