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MAA Hosts 2016 Visiting Mathematician Adriana Salerno

This week the Mathematical Association of America is welcoming Adriana Salerno as the 2016 Dolciani Visiting Mathematician at the national headquarters in Washington, D.C. During her term, Salerno plans to work with MAA staff and committees to create and implement outreach efforts to broaden the mathematics community.

Adriana Salerno is an accomplished mathematician and active MAA member, and we are looking forward to the fresh ideas she will bring to our association in this intensive role, says Doug Ensley, MAA deputy executive director. Every Visiting Mathematician we have hosted has initiated projects that continue to benefit our wider community. This has been a far-reaching and invaluable result of the funding from the Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation that supports the MAA Visiting Mathematician program.

Salerno is an associate professor of mathematics at Bates College. She earned her undergraduate degree in her home country of Venezuela at the Universidad Simon Bolivar, then went on to earn her PhD at the University of Texas. While completing her doctorate in mathematics, Salerno was also selected as the AMS-AAAS Mass Media Fellow in the summer of 2007; as such, she wrote articles for the Voice of America.

Salerno's term as Visiting Mathematician will be from September to November 2016. She will be using her skills to help the MAA on several projects, including the American Mathematics Competitions and marketing and communications efforts.

Follow Adriana Salerno on Twitter: @mathyadriana

News Date: 
Monday, September 12, 2016