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Colm Mulcahy's Card Colm

Colm Mulcahy's
Card Colm

Card Colm explores mathematical card principles and effects for fun, very much inspired by the extensive writings of the still very active Martin Gardner on the subject, going back to his seminal Mathematics, Magic and Mystery (1956).

Colm Mulcahy ( has been exploring mathematical card tricks in earnest for several years now, and never tires of inflicting his latest favourite one on anyone who will listen. More information about his writings and presentations on this topic can be found at

Colm hails from Ireland, where he earned batchelor's and master's degrees in Mathematical Science at UCD. He then went to Cornell — more or less along arcs of two great circles — where he did research in the algebraic theory of quadratic forms for his PhD, under Alex FTW Rosenberg. In 1988 he joined the department of mathematics at Spelman College, where he recently completed a three year term as Chair. His music and food obsessions far predate his recent affair with mathematical card tricks.

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Thursday, December 1, 2005