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Business Week: Math Will Rock Your World

From Business Week: Math Will Rock Your World

According to a recent article in Business Week, "the world is moving into a new age of numbers." Business is discovering what we have long known: mathematics permeates the world around us, and there are very few problems that don't admit to quantitative analysis. To see more, read the January 23 cover story, "Math Will Rock Your World."

This article is just one sign that the need for a more quantitatively-literate society is getting the attention of the business community. The Business Roundtable has recently published a report, Tapping America's Potential: The Education for Innovation Initiative, which also makes a case to dramatically increase the level of math and science education.

On January 31, President Bush referred to the relationship between our competitiveness as a nation and our success at improving education as well, and in particular called for large increases in spending on research (and in particular at the NSF) as well as for initiatives to train AP teachers. Be on the lookout for news and initiatives that follow up on some of these trends. One place to look is on the MAA Science Policy Committee site.

News Date: 
Friday, February 17, 2006