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Semester and Summer Programs

Academic Year Programs

Budapest Semester in Math - A 15-week mathematics study abroad program in Budapest, Hungary. Students take mathematics classes taught in English.

Budapest Semester in Mathematics Education - A 15-week long study abroad program in Budapest for undergraduate students interested in the learning and teaching of secondary mathematics.

Math in Moscow - A 15-week mathematics study abroad or virtual program in Moscow, Russia. Students take math classes taught in English.

Penn State's MASS (Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters) Program - A fall semester at Penn State with advanced courses and beginning research.

Summer Programs

Research Experience for Undergraduates - REU Programs are summer programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). REUs usually consist of two parts: intensive study of topics through lecture and interaction, and student research on a question/questions. Travel costs are paid for as well as room and board. A stipend is given to participants. These are all available on a competitive basis.

National Research Experience for Undergraduates Program - The NREUP is administered by the MAA through its SUMMA (Strengthening Underrepresented Minority Mathematics Achievement) Program and made possible via a grant from the Moody's Foundation, the NSF, and the National Security Agency. These research experiences are similar in nature to REUs, but are designed to reach out to minority students at the midpoint of their undergraduate programs.

Summer@BSME - A 6-week long study abroad program in Budapest. For undergraduate students interested in the learning and teaching of secondary mathematics.

Summer Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Institute - Held at the Center for Nonlinear Analysis at Carnegie Mellon University, in addition to a stipend participants receive credit from Carnegie Mellon for this 7-week learning and research experience.

Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) Summer Program - This program involves applied mathematics problems from industry.

EDGE Summer Program for Women - For women who are entering graduate school or who have completed one year of graduate studies.