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Poster Sessions

Please note: All sessions are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT = UTC-4:00)

An MAA poster session allows for many people with interest in a specific topic to share their work.

MAA Contributed Poster Session

Friday, August 5, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Franklin Hall A

Given previous years' success with the MAA Contributed Poster Session (CPS), the MAA is pleased to continue with this session at MathFest 2022 in Philadelphia. The MAA will provide corkboards for the posters – you just need to bring your poster.
Please consult this year's Call for Contributed Posters for more information, and what to expect for submitting and preparing presentations.

Steven McKay, Brigham Young University
John Travis, Mississippi College

Preferential and k-Zone Parking Functions
Christopher Soto, Queens College of the City University of New York and Columbia University
Parneet Gill, California State University, Fresno
Pamela Vargas, Smith College

Higher Dimensional Origami Constructions
Sara Chari, Bates College
Adriana Salerno, Bates College
Deveena Banerjee, Vanderbilt University

The Equivalence between the (S, T) - Stabilities of Jungck-Kirk-type Iterative Schemes
Hudson Akewe, Unviersity of Lagos

Nonlocal Optimization Problems
Michael Pieper, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

On the Asymptotics of Some Strongly Damped Beam Equations with Structural Damping
Joseph Barrera, Converse University

Orlicz Function and Some Paranormed Difference C_2-sequence Spaces
Sukhdev Singh, Lovely Professional University

Artificial Neural Networks Via Back Propagation For the Iris Data
Sunny Lee, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Compressive Sensing Reconstruction of Structural Neuronal Network Connectivity and the Balanced Dynamical Regime
Victor Barranca, Swarthmore College

Proving Mathematical Conjectures Using Boolean Satisfiability Solvers
Alexander Atwood, Suffolk County Community College

Nets of Tetrahedra
Derege Mussa, University of Texas at Dallas

The Extremal Sizes of Arc-Maximal (k, l)-Digraphs
Murong Xu, University of Scranton
Hong-Jian Lai, University of Scranton
Yingzhi Tian, University of Scranton
Liqiong Xu, University of Scranton

Chromatic Numbers of Abelian Cayley Graphs
Mike Krebs, California State University Los Angeles

Odd Prime Labelings of Graphs
Norman Fox, Austin Peay State University
Holly Carter, Austin Peay State University

Public Key Cryptography Using Graph Theory
Nicholas Drain, California Lutheran University

"Calculus of Probabilities" by A. A. Markov
Alan Levine, Franklin and Marshall College

Linear Transformations on Vector Spaces: A New OER Textbook
Amber Russell, Butler University
Scott Kaschner, Butler University

Highlights of an Introductory Computational Science Course
Daniel Shifflet, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

The Promise of Quantum Computing
Azar Khosravani, Columbia College Chicago

Network Based Trajectory Analysis and Framework Development of Precalculus Curricula
John O'Meara, Montclair State University
Vlad Nita, Montclair State University
Ashuwin Vaidya, Montclair State University

Critical Lessons from Certification Exam Preparation Materials for Mathematics Teachers’ Content Knowledge and Professional Learning
Sam Vancini, University of Florida

A Generalized Susceptible-Infectious Compartmental Model with Potentially Periodic Behavior
Scott Greenhalgh, Siena College
Anna Dumas, Siena College

Two Terms with Known Prime Divisors Adding to a Power of 2
Robert Styer, Villanova University
Reese Scott, Villanova University

The Spoof on Perfect Numbers
Catherine McClure, Molloy College

The Evolution of Cryptology
Justin Morelli, Molloy College

Some Results on τ(n)-factorizations
Reyes M Ortiz-Albino, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Campus

Does the Choice of Preferential Voting Method Matter? An Empirical Study Using Ranked Choice Elections in the United States
Lori McCune, Missouri Western State University
David McCune, William Jewell College

Analyzing the Determinants of Covid Spread in Pennsylvania
Maria Ramunno, Neumann University
Ryan Savitz, Neumann University

Quiver Representations: Expolorations with Undergraduates
Dan Wackwitz, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Problem and Research Presentations in Senior Capstone
Nicole Panza, Francis Marion University

Differential Calculus: From Practice to Theory
Robert Rogers, State University of New York at Fredonia
Eugene Boman, The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg Campus

Alternative Assessments in Calculus 1: Stepping Away from Exams
Liz Lane-Harvard, University of Central Oklahoma

Remediation and Enrichment through Labs
Britney Hopkins, University of Central Oklahoma
Liz Lane-Harvard, University of Central Oklahoma

Calculus Instruction for a Blind Student
Michael Kerckhove, University of Richmond
Emily Helft, Landmark College Institute for Research and Training
Lily Dickson, University of Richmond

Dual Purpose Homework Assignments: Practice and Enlightenment
Jennifer Gorman, Lake Superior State University

Using Systematic Variation to Support Student Writing of Explanations and Justifications in Calculus
Duane Graysay, Syracuse University
Brian Odiwuor, Syracuse University
Hillary Bermudez, Syracuse University

Discussing Classroom Culture: A Better Use of Syllabus Day
Erin Griesenauer, Eckerd College

The Beautility of Math
Jonathan Clark, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jeneva Clark, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

A Look at Materials from the Building College Level Number Sense Project
Susan Addington, California State University San Bernardino
Mary Legner, Riverside City College
Kelli Wasserman, California State University San Bernardino

"Mathematics for Human Flourishing" as a Freshman Seminar
Kristen Schemmerhorn, Concordia University Chicago

Modeling of Phase Coexistence via Thermodynamic Potentials
Barry Husowitz, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Anomaly Edge Detection in Liquefaction Susceptibility Maps
Semere Gebresilasie, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Yihao Li, Wentworth Institute of Technology

The Effect of Spaced Recall in the Precalculus Classroom
Diane Lindquist, United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS)
Brenda Sparrow, United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS)
Joseph Lindquist, United States Military Academy (USMA)

To Test or Not to Test – How Much of an Impact do Final Exams Have on Final Course Grades?
Eric Johnson, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Conceptual Understanding of Profit, Revenue & Cost in Applied Calculus
Debbie Gochenaur, Shippensburg University
Riana Peters, Shippensburg University

Calculus Evidence-Based Instructions – Engage Students and Enhance Students’ Learning
nna Harris, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Integration by Guessing
Fred Halpern, Royal Path to Math

Temet Nosce: Reflections on Mathematical Autobiographies in a General Education Course
Colton Sawyer, Southern New Hampshire University

Outer Billiard Visualization Algorithms
David Brock, Dallas College
Byungik Kahng, University of North Texas at Dallas

Andrew Sward, Augustana College
Jordan Thompson, Augustana College
Trung Pham, Augustana College
Kidus Olana, Augustana College

On the Parametric Geometry of Inverse Exponents
Alexander Garron, Sandbox Geometry

Actions of Clifford gates on four, five, and six qubits
Frederic Latour, Central Connecticut State University

Outreach Poster Session

Thursday, August 4, 9:00 a.m. - 10:20 a.m., Franklin Hall A

All community members involved in outreach activities are welcome to present a poster on those activities. These outreach activities can be camps for middle school children, seminars or symposia for undergraduate women, Sonia Kovalevski Days, etc. We want to hear about the good work you are doing encouraging diversity and inclusion in mathematics.

Rachelle Decoste, Wheaton College
Candice Price, Smith College
Nancy Neudauer, Pacific University

GirlsGetMath@Stonehill: Empowering and Mentoring High School Students
Leyda Almodóvar Velázquez, Stonehill College

Incorporating Math Circle Activities into Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) in Statistics
Meredith Anderson, Adams State University

Girls Talk Math at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Francesca Bernardi, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

PRIME: The People Reaching Intuition in Mathematics for Empowerment Program
Alexis Byers, Youngstown State University
Alicia Prieto Langarica, Youngstown State University
Brenda Scott, Youngstown State University
Charles Stark, Youngstown City School Disctrict

STEM Model-Eliciting Activities for Middle School Students
Diana Cheng, Towson University
Jean Ciscell, Towson University
Kimberly Corum, Towson University

Jonathan Clark, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Amelia Brown, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

STEM-CARE (STEM Community for Anti-Racist Education)
Whitney George, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

JRMF Community Math Circle - A Training Ground for Math Outreach Leaders
Gabriella Pinter, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Lauren Rose, Bard College
Peter Petto, Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics
A. Gwinn Royal, Ivy Tech Community College
Skona Brittain, Santa Barbara Math Ellipse

MAGPIES: Math & Girls + Inspiration = Success, Lessons Learned and Plans for the Future
Lauren Rose, Bard College
Felicia Flores, Bard College
Kariane Calta, Vassar College

Dixie Tensor Scholar Program 2022
Bhuvaneswari Sambandham, Dixie State University
Vinodh Chellamuthu, Dixie State University
Jie Liu, Dixie State University
Clare Banks, Dixie State University

Broadening Participation of Underrepresented Minority STEM Faculty in the Professoriate
Jana Talley, Jackson State University
Brenda Brand, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Grace Ndip, Virginia State University
Willie Rockward, Morgan State University
Jeremey Ernst, Emory Riddle Aeronautical University

Poster Session for Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education

Thursday, August 4, 9:00 a.m. - 10:20 a.m., Franklin Hall A

This session will feature principal investigators (PIs) presenting progress and outcomes from various NSF funded projects in the Division of Undergraduate Education. The poster session format will permit ample opportunity for attendees to engage in small group discussions with the PIs and to network with each other.

Doug Ensley, Shippensburg University

Advancing Students’ Proof Practices in Mathematics through Inquiry, Reinvention, and Engagement
Tenchita Alzaga Elizondo, Portland State University
Sean Larsen, Portland State University
Stephen Strand, California State University, Chico ASPIRE in Math Project Team

S-STEM: Building Foundations for Success
Mike Bolt, Calvin University
Carolyn Anderson, Calvin University
Herb Fynewever, Calvin University
Arlene Hoogewerf, Hoogewerf
Vic Norman, Hoogewerf

An NSF S-STEM Grant Supporting Community College Transfer Students
Olivia Carducci, East Stroudsburg University
Michelle Jones-Wilson, East Stroudsburg University
Bonnie Green, East Stroudsburg University

Teamwork in Tennessee: A SUMMIT-P Project to Enhance Introductory Mathematics Courses
L. Jeneva Clark, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
R. Alexander Bentley, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Nicholas Nagle, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Vasileios Maroulas, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Leaders Emerging and Pursuing STEM (LEAPS) an S-STEM Grant at Saint Peter's University
Rebecca Conley, Saint Peter's University
Brandy Garrett-Kluthe, Saint Peter's University
Michael Finetti, Saint Peter's University

Renovating Calculus with the Partner Disciplines: A SUMMIT-P Project
Suzanne Doree, Augsburg University
Pavel Belik, Augsburg University
Stella Hofrenning, Augsburg University
Joan Kunz, Augsburg University
Jody Sorensen, Augsburg University

OPEN Math: Online Professional Enhancement and Capacity Building for Instructional Practices in Undergraduate Mathematics
Douglas Ensley, Shippensburg University
Sandra Laursen, University of Colorado Boulder
Stan Yoshinobu, University of Toronto
Deirdre Smeltzer, Mathematical Association of America

Expanding Pathways to a Data Science Career by Developing a Certification in Data Science and Analytics
Kelly Fitzpatrick, County College or Morris
Amanda Beecher, Ramapo College, NJ

Team teaching, integrated Science and Engineering courses, and dedicated mentorship: Preparing for our first cohort of NSF S-STEM scholars
Matthew Fury, Penn State Abington

Crafting a classroom: Personal and institutional factors that influence early-career mathematics instructors’ implementation of active learning techniques
Kyra Gallion, University of Colorado Boulder
Tim Archie, University of Colorado Boulder
Timothy Weston, University of Colorado Boulder
Sandra Laursen, University of Colorado Boulder

Turning the Tide: Teaching Mathematics in High-Need Schools in Central Pennsylvania
Debbie Gochenaur, Shippensburg University
Johnna Barnaby, Shippensburg University

The Breath of The Earth's Lungs
Lan Guo, Middlesex University London
Zhien Wang, Middlesex University London

Preparing Students for Careers in Computer Science and Math, an NSF S-STEM Project at Western Washington University
David Hartenstine, Western Washington University
Regina Barber, Western Washington University
Joseph Brobst, Old Dominion University
Perry Fizzano, Western Washington University
Elizabeth Litzler, Center for Evaluation & Research for STEM Equity

GeT Support: An online professional learning community to support the geometry course for teachers
Pat Herbst, University of Michigan
Mike Ion, University of Michigan
Amanda Milewski, University of Michigan

Promoting Success in Undergraduate Mathematics Through Graduate Teaching Assistant Training: The Unique Contributions of the Peer TA Coach Role
Drew Horton, University of Colorado Denver
Gary Olson, University of Colorado Denver
Melinda Lanius, Auburn University
Scotty Houston, University of Memphis
Conner Griffin, University of Memphis
Leigh Harrell-Williams, University of Memphis

OPTIMUM Interactions: Fostering Student-Centered Online Tutoring Practices
Nicole Infante, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Keith Gallagher, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Lori Ogden, West Virginia University
Deborah Moore-Russo, University of Oklahoma

The Value of COMMIT-ing to Teaching with Inquiry: Examining A Network of Communities
Paula Jakopovic, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Kelly Gomez Johnson, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Patrick Rault, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Christine von Renesse, Westfield University
Nina White, University of Michigan

Fostering STEM Retention Interest and Retention by Integrating Innovative Research in Teaching
Qingxia Li, Fisk University
Thomas Gross, Western Kentucky University
Dafeng Hui, Tennessee State University

Math Teacher Candidates have an Opendoor to the Outside Classroom
Veny Liu, University of Hawaii West Oahu
Laurie James, University of Hawaii West Oahu
Felicia Dirige, University of Hawaii West Oahu

Undergraduate Service Learning Experiences with Data: Mathematics in the Community
Betty Love, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Michelle Friend, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Becky Brusky, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Mahbubul Majumder, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Andrew Swift, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Julie Dierberger, University of Nebraska at Omaha

SUMMIT-P: Using Faculty Learning Communities in Mathematics and Partner Disciplines at Lee University
Caroline Maher-Boulis, Lee University
Bryan Poole, Lee University
John Hearn, Lee University

Collaborative Research: Extending Inquiry-Oriented Linear Algebra (IOLA-X)
Matt Mauntel, Florida State University
Megan Wawro, Virginia Tech
Michelle Zandieh, Arizona State University
Christine Andrews-Larson, Florida State University
David Plaxco, Clayton State University

SLU- SUMMIT-P Making Math Education More Effective for Business Students
Mike May, Saint Louis University

High Leverage Teaching Practices for the Proof-Based Undergraduate Mathematics Classroom
Kathleen Melhuish, Texas State University
Paul Dawkins, Texas State University
Holly Zolt, Texas State University
Anthony Tucci, Texas State University

SUMMIT-P Partnership in Action: Promoting Engineering Applications in Calculus and Differential Equations Courses Via Team-Teaching
Shahrooz Moosavizadeh, Norfolk State University
Maila Hallare, Norfolk State University
Makarand Deo, Norfolk State University

Implementing Techtivities to Promote Covariational Reasoning and Instructional Transformation in College Algebra (ITsCRITiCAL #2013186)
Gary Olson, University of Colorado Denver
John Carter, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Bikai Nie, Texas State University
Belin Tsinnajinnie, WestEd
Heather Lynn Johnson, University of Colorado Denver

Building Interdisciplinary Partnerships to Create Application-Focused Mathematics Content, A SUMMIT-P Project: NSF#1625557
Rebecca Segal, Virginia Commonwealth University
Afroditi Filippas, Virginia Commonwealth University
Laura Ellwein Fix, Virginia Commonwealth University

Second Report on NSF grant: Math-Stat Modeling Across the Curriculum
John Sieben, Texas Lutheran University
Reza Abbasian, Texas Lutheran University
Michael Czuchry, Texas Lutheran University

PVAMU SUMS Scholars: Results from the Mathematics Component
James Valles, Jr., Prairie View A&M University
Asia Ballinger, Prairie View A&M University
Fred Bonner II, Prairie View A&M University
Orion Ciftja, Prairie View A&M University
Alphonso Keaton, Prairie View A&M University
E. Gloria C. Regisford, Prairie View A&M University

An Open Source Collection of Multivariable Calculus Problems
Monica VanDieren, Robert Morris University

Creating and Sustaining a SoTL Community Network in Mathematics
Fei Xue, University of Hartford
Mako Haruta, University of Hartford
Larissa Schroeder, University of Nebraska at Omaha

PosterFest 2022: Scholarship by Early Career Mathematicians

Thursday, August 4, 1:00 p.m. - 2:20 p.m., Franklin Hall A

This poster session and networking event provides an informal opportunity for early career mathematicians to present and discuss their scholarly activities (such as: expository work, preliminary reports, scholarship of teaching and learning, and research reports). Nontenured faculty and graduate students are encouraged to apply. Undergraduate submissions will not be accepted. Questions regarding this session should be sent to the organizers.

Holly Attenborough, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Lisa Driskell, Colorado Mesa University

MAA Committee on Early Career Mathematicians

Modifying certain terms of determinate moment sequences
Saroj Aryal, Georgian Court University

Plasticity among neurons in the visual cortex during development: a mathematical modeling approach
Jennifer Crodelle, Middlebury College

Trinity Women's Basketball Analytics
Kyle Evans, Trinity College

Inductive Shifting Proof for the Erd\" os-Ko-Rado Theorem on Sets and Vector Spaces
Daniel Gotshall, Villanova University

Scratching Beneath The Surface: How A Coding Task Bolsters Mathematical Thinking and Student Leadership
Rachel Kovel, Towson University
Wendy Gibson, Towson University

Higher Rank Graph C*-algebras With Trivial K-Theory
S Joseph Lippert, University of Montana

The Relationship of the Cross Cap Number and Jones Polynomial of Links
Robert McConkey, Michigan State University

Analyzing the Impact of Active Learning in General Education Mathematics Courses
Marie Meyer, Lewis University
Cara Sulyok, Lewis University
Brittany Stephenson, Lewis University
Amanda Harsy, Lewis University
Michael Smith, Lewis University

Distance cospectrality in digraphs
Carolyn Reinhart, Swarthmore College

Extending ggplot2 statistical geometries
Evangeline Reynolds, West Point
Morgan Brown, West Point

The isoperimetric problem on the number line with log-concave density
John Ross, Southwestern University

Research in Motion (Undergraduate Student Poster Session)

Friday, August 5, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., Franklin Hall A

Click here for the Student Abstracts Listings

This session features research done by undergraduate students. Appropriate content includes, but is not limited to, a new result, a new proof of a known result, a new mathematical model, an innovative solution to a Putnam problem, or a method of solution to an applied problem. Projects that are currently "in progress", but leading towards one of these outcomes are also welcome. Purely expository material is not appropriate for this session.

Eric Ruggieri, College of the Holy Cross
Sara Malec, Hood College
Jeb Collins, University of Mary Washington

Committee on Undergraduate Student Programming (CUSP)