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MAA MathFest 2022 Videos

MAA MathFest 2022 Videos

We're happy to share the videos from the 2022 MAA MathFest in Philadelphia. We encourage MAA members and MathFest attendees to watch the recordings on the MAA Youtube page.

At the MAA, we work every day to support our values of community, communication, inclusivity, and teaching & learning. We've organized MAA MathFest 2022 videos into playlists according to the type of talk for you to rewatch, or watch for the first time.



President's Ignite Celebration

If you have not experienced Ignite talks before, each one has a strict time limit. Twenty slides automatically advance every 15 seconds for a total of 5 minutes. The structure creates positive energy where the audience is rooting for the presenters. The MAA President will also take time to recognize members of our community, especially the 25- and 50-year members and award winners.

President's IGNITE Celebration Video



Invited Addresses

Invited address speakers are experts in the mathematical sciences who are invited and selected by committee to present at MAA MathFest. Each presenter will share their stories and expertise for 50 minutes with attendees.

View MAA MathFest 2022 Invited Addresses




Invited Paper Sessions

Invited Paper Sessions are organized by professionals in the mathematical sciences and designed to provide substantial mathematical content in the MAA program. Four to six speakers are invited by the organizers to present on a designated topic for twenty-minute segments. MAA MathFest participants who tune in to these sessions will get the chance to hear from a diverse set of speakers on current or emerging topics in various areas of mathematics.

View MAA MathFest 2022 Invited Paper Sessions




Enjoy our MAA MathFest panel discussions on a wide array of topics and specialties.

View all MAA MathFest 2022 Panels




SIGMAA Activities

SIGMAAs of the MAA (Special Interest Groups) program establishes and supports communities of colleagues who share a common interest that advances the MAA mission. Within these communities, members gain access to opportunities for networking, professional development, and discussion of issues relevant to the represented interest.

View videos of SIGMAA Activities at MAA MathFest 2022



Award Presentations

Did you miss the Alder or Haimo Award presentations? Watch them in this playlist.

View all MAA MathFest 2022 Award Presentations




Index of Videos

Maybe browsing by playlist isn't your thing. If so, a full list of the available videos is below:

Invited Addresses
Click here for all recorded Invited Addresses

How Noncommutative Algebra Points toward Quantum Geometry - Manuel Reyes
Continuity at Interfaces - Suzanne Weekes
FUNDAPROMAT: My Story - Jeanette Shakalli
Determining Metrics Using Lengths of Curves - Marissa Kawehi Loving
Empowering Black Male Students in Mathematics Contexts: Insights from a Critical Race Scholar - Chris Jett
One Health and Modeling: Connecting Humans, Animals, and the Environment - Suzanne Lenhart
From Calculus to Optimal Control: Optimization for Sustainable Fishery Harvest - Suzanne Lenhart
Synchronization in Nature - Steve Strogatz
The History and Future of Logic Puzzles - Jason Rosenhouse
When Information Theory Meets Algebra and Topology - Tai-Danae Bradley
Parking Functions: Choose Your Own Adventure - Pamela E. Harris
How to Turn Your Knots from Blah into Fabulous - Allison Henrich
Teaching Mathematics for the Future: Centering Student Thinking to Diversify STEM - Karen Marrongelle

Invited Paper Sessions
Click here for all recorded Invited Paper Sessions

Current Research in Math Biology - Invited Paper Session
Rethinking Number Theory - Invited Paper Session
Trends in Mathematical and Computational Biology - Invited Paper Session

Invited Paper Sessions
Click here for all recorded Panels

Adopting, Implementing, Scaling, and Sustaining a Research-Based Curriculum and Professional Development Innovation in Undergraduate Mathematics
Alternative Post-Secondary Mathematics Pathways
Building Community and Belonging in Mathematics
Creating Systemic Transformation in Higher Education to Achieve Equity
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Online Workshops OPEN Opportunities for Teaching-Focused Professional Development
The Art of Publishing in MAA Journals
The Math Alliance: Building a New American Community in the Quantitative Sciences

SIGMAA Activities
Click here for all recorded SIGMAA Activities

Bats, Random Time Series, Nonlinear Transforms, and Moving Autonomy into the Great Outdoors
A Tale of Many Hormones: Mathematical Modeling in Ovulation
Quantifying Hitter Plate Discipline in Major League Baseball
Singing Along with Math: The Mathematical Work of the Opera Singer Jerome Hines
Undergraduate Research in Data-Enabled Industrial Mathematics: Successful Collaborations with Business, Industry, and Government - Mihhail Berezovski