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Registering for the AMC Online

We hope you find the experience approachable and convenient. The AMC is partnering with the Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) to support the administration of the 2021-2022 cycle. The problems selected for the print AMC will be identical to the online problems.

Below are simple steps to guide Competition Managers and participants through registration for the online administration.

AMC Quick Start Guide

Important websites, registration information, and Teacher's Manuals

Watch the Competition Manager Registration Tutorial

For complete steps covering AMC ordering and AMC Online registration, please review the entire video. 

Registration Steps

Competition Managers

1. Visit

2. Click “Register” next to a competition name to begin.

  • Select online or print administration.

  • Continue selections to complete the registration form.

  • To add additional competitions in the cart, please follow the prompts on the “Add to Cart” page.

  • Note: Competition Managers may add additional competitions in different administration formats (ex. AMC 8 online administration and AMC 10/12 print administration). Only one type of administration is allowed for each competition.

 3. Starting late August, Competition Managers will receive an AoPS registration email outline steps to set up their AoPS accounts to access participant Registration links.

  • Registered Competition Managers must send their participating students the registration links found in the AoPS Competition Manager Portal. The student invite links will allow students to access the AMC Online platform powered by AoPS.

  • View the CM Registration Guide here



1. After registering for the competition, your Competition Manager will send you a registration link to access the AMC Online platform powered by AoPS.

  • Click the link in the registration link to begin registration.

  • Participants will need an AoPS account to register for the competition. Participants may use an existing AoPS account or create a restricted AoPS account.

  • View the Student Registration Guide here

2. Try the practice competition.

  • Registration and the practice exam will open before the competition to familiarize participants with the AoPS testing software, ensuring less troubleshooting on competition day. Please complete the practice exam before the competition.

  • See you on competition day!


System Requirements

The AMC Contest Platform powered by AoPS supports recent versions of the popular modern web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Chrome OS, and Android).

For additional questions, please contact