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2007 IMO Team Results

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Vietnam 2007 - USA IMO Team Results

47th IMO, Slovenia 2006

U.S.A. Team

IMO 2007 Team
IMO 2007 Press release and Photos Directory

Page 1 - Transition in China
Page 2 - Steve's Detour to Taiwan
Page 3 -Arrival & Opening Ceremony
Page 4 - Director Tour and Tests
Page 5 - Playing Tourist
Page 6 - Closing Awards Ceremony
From left: Sherry Gong , Tedrick Leung, Arnav Tripathy, Alex Zhai, Brian Lawrence and Eric Larson.
Sherry Gong
Graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH
Gold medal
Sherry Gong Class Airport Sherry Gold Sherry and Zuming
Sherry with her Gold Medal In Class Traveling
Awards Ceremony.
Eric Larson
Attends South Eugene High School in Eugene, OR
Silver medal.
Eric Eric in Class Arrival in Hanoi, Vietnam Eric on Stage Eric Seat
Eric with his Silver Medal. In Class Arrival in Vietnam
Awards Ceremony.
Brian Lawrence
Graduated from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, MD
Silver medal.
Brian Brian in Class Hong Kong Airport Brian Stage Brian Award
Brian with his Silver Medal. In Class Hong Kong Airport
Awards Ceremony.
Tedrick Leung
Graduated from North Hollywood High School in Hollywood, CA
Bronze medal
Tedrick Tedrick in Class Opening Ceremonies Tedrick Award Tedrick
Tedrick with his Bronze Medal In Class Opening Ceremony
Awards Ceremony.
Arnav Tripathy
Graduated from East Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC
Silver medal
Arnav Arnav in Class Opening Ceremony Arnav on Stage Arnav
Arnav with his Silver Medal. In Class Opening Ceremony
Awards Ceremony.
Alex Zhai
Attends University Laboratory High School  in Champaign, IL
Gold medal.
Alex Alex in Class Arrival Alex Gold Alex and Zuming
Alex with his Gold Medal In Class Arriving in Vietnam
Awards Ceremony.