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2005 IMO US Team Results

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Mathematical Association of America -- American Mathematics Competitions


2005 US Team Results, Merida, Mexico -- July 8-19, 2005

U.S.A. International Mathematical Olympiad Team:
From Left: Zuming Feng, IMO Coach, Brian Lawrence, Thomas Mildorf, Sherry Gong, Robert Cordwell, Hyun Soo Kim, Eric Price, and Melanie Wood, Assistant IMO Coach.

The results are in from the 46th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) held July 4 - July 18, 2005 in Merida, Mexico. The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the pre-eminent mathematical competition for high-school age students from around the world. There were 513 competitors from 93 competing countries, making this the largest IMO ever. The IMO consists of solving 6 extremely challenging mathematical problems in a 9-hour competition administered over two days. More information about the 46th International Mathematical Olympiad is at:

The U.S.A. team finished second overall among countries, with 213 total points. (China finished first overall with 235 points, Russia 3rd with 212 points, Iran fourth with 201, Korea fifth with 200, etc.) This was the also the second best medal collection, just behind China.

This is an extraordinarily strong performance by the U.S.A. team, since this is the first time that the six team members have represented the USA at the International Mathematical Olympiad. Congratulations also to Team Leader Zuming Feng and Deputy Leader Melanie Wood for preparing the team and presenting their solutions to the judges.

  • Robert Cordwell: 36 points, Gold Medal (Manzano High School, Albuquerque, NM)
  • Sherry Gong: 28 points, Silver Medal (Philips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH)
  • Hyun Soo Kim: 27 points, Silver Medal (Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology, Hackensack, NJ)
  • Brian Lawrence: 42 points, (perfect score) Gold Medal (Montogomery Blair High School Silver Spring, MD)
  • Thomas Mildorf: 39 points, Gold Medal (Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA)
  • Eric Price: 41 points, Gold Medal (Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA)

The sponsor of the USA team to the IMO is the Mathematical Association of America through its America Mathematics Competitions program, with travel support provided by a grant from the Army Research Office. Training for the team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is aided by a grant from the Akamai Foundation. Additional support for the team is provided by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

For further information, contact:

Steven R. Dunbar at the MAA American Mathematics Competitions office at 800-527-3690.