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MAA Launches 2010 Science Policy Advocacy Project

Congressional visits March 2010

March 16, 2010

This month the MAA launched its 2010 science policy advocacy project to strengthen federal support for undergraduate mathematics. A team of MAA members and staff presented several proposals to Members of Congress and their staff including support for the President?s overall FY2011 budget request for the National Science Foundation (NSF), which keeps pace with doubling the agency?s budget by the year 2017. The MAA also supports similar growth in the NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences and the Division of Undergraduate Education. Finally, the MAA also urged Congress to include specific provisions in the ongoing reauthorization of the America COMPETES Act to expand resources that would scale-up proven recruitment and retention strategies in the STEM undergraduate disciplines.

The position papers can be found here:

Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Undergraduate STEM

NSF 2011 Appropriations Bill Support for Recruitment and Retention in Undergraduate STEM Education

NSF 2011 Funding Recommendations for Undergraduate Mathematics Education

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