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JMM 06 Student Poster Winners

The 2007 List of Prize Winners and Advisors
Joint Mathematical Meetings of the AMS/MAA
New Orleans, LA

Supported by:

American Mathematical Society
Association for Women in Mathematics
Council on Undergraduate Research
Educational Advancement Foundation
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Title: Orbits of Hecke Triangle Groups
Authors: Elena Udovina, Harvard University, Adam Merberg, Brown University
Advisor: Christopher Towse, Scripps College

Title: Constructing Polynomial Knots
Author: Matthew Wright , Carnegie Mellon University
Advisor: Alan Durfee, Mount Holyoke College

Title: A Mathematical Model for Tightening and Heat Generation in Self-Tapping Screws
Author: Alla Shved, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Advisor: Suzanne Weekes, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Title: Optimization of Traveling Wave Tubes using Large Signal Codes and Optical Beam Analysis
Author: Adam Attarian , North Carolina State University
Advisor: Hien T. Tran, North Carolina State University

Title: Analysis of Models for Blood Flow in the Cardiovascular System
Author: Cheryl Zapata, North Carolina State University
Advisors: M.S. Olufsen and C.T. Kelley, North Carolina State University

Title: Symmetry Analysis of the Two Dimensional Heat Equation with a Source Term
Authors: Olabode Sule and Luis Suazo, University Of Central Arkansas
Advisor: Daniel J. Arrigo, University of central Arkansas

Title: Algorithms for Precomputing Fast Fourier Transforms of the Symmetric Group
Authors: Marie Jameson, Harvey Mudd College, Bradley Froehle, University of Minnesota
Advisor: Michael Orrison, Harvey Mudd College

Title: On a Class of Recurrent Sequences Based on the Greatest Prime Factor Function
Author: Lisa Scheckelhoff Ohio Northern University
Advisor: Mihai Caragiu, Ohio Northern University

Title: Using Elliptic Curves for One-Time Pad Encryption
Author: Justin Gieseler, Ohio Northern University
Advisor: Mihai Caragiu

Title: Deterministic and Stochastic Models for the Spread of Fear and Opinion
Authors: Reanne Bowlby, Western Washington University, Ange Sinamenye, Univesrity of Licoln-Omaha, Elizabeth Steen, Pacific Lutheran University
Advisor: Steve Dunbar, University of Nebraska, Licoln

Title: Exponential Stability of Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
Authors: Matthew Rashford State University of New York at Geneseo, Julie Siloti, Pomona College, Winona State University, Jonathan Wrolstad, Winona State University
Advisor: Allan Peterson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Title: Cannibalism: When Parents Attack (Their Kids)
Authors: Tracy Robson and Jonna Anderson, Simpson College, Samuel Potter, University of Minnesota-Morris
Advisor: Glenn Ledder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Title: An Equivalent Characterization of Half-Factorial Block Monoids Over Z Torsion Groups, with Applications in Dedekind Domain Factorization
Author: Ross Kravitz, Williams College
Advisor: Scott Chapman, Trinity University

Title: The Slope and Derivative of a Tropical Polynomial
Author: Julian Tay, Brigham Young University
Advisor: Tyler Jarvis, Brigham Young University

Title: An Initial Inquiry Into LC-loops
Authors: Sarah Cotter, Amherst College, Jacob Magnusson, Emporia State University, Matthew Ward, Youngstown State University, Kyle Wendt, Lake Forest College
Advisor: J. D. Phillips, Wabash College

Title: Delay Differential Equations Modeling Vertically Transmitted Diseases
Authors: Jonathan Adler, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Lynne Erickson, Ursinus College, Kristen Mazur, Lafayette College , Thomas Tyrrell, Boston University
Advisor: Thomas Hill, Lafayette College

Title: The Crossing Probability Energy
Author: Aaron Mitchell, Lamar University
Advisor: Rolland Trapp, California State University at San Bernardino

Title: Circle Packings and Penrose Tilings
Author: Matthew Stamps, Grand Valley State University
Advisor: David Austin, Grand Valley State University

Title: Algorithms for Rigorous Lower Bounds of Topological Entropy Using Conley Index Theory
Author: Rafael Frongillo, Cornell University, Rodrigo Trevino, University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Sarah Day, College of William and Mary

Title: Random Walks on Set Partitions
Author: Owen Anderson, Macalester College
Tom Halverson, Macalester College

Title: Population Dynamics of a Scavenger on Lotka-Volterra Systems
Author: Malorie Winters, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
Advisor: Joseph Previte, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Title: Ihara Zeta Functions of the Underlying Graphs of Bipartite Dessins
Author: Michael Lock, Columbia University
Advisor: Robert Perlis, Louisiana State University

Title: Algebraic Interleavers in Turbo Codes
Authors: Zackary Kenz Concordia College ’ Moorhead, Jason Dolloff, Southwestern University, Jacquelyn Rische Whittier College
Advisor: Ed Mosteig, Loyola Marymount University

Title: Fixing Numbers of Symmetric Groups and Related Graphs
Author: Courtney Gibbons, Colorado College
Advisors: Joshua Laison, St. Olaf College

Title: McKay Tantalizers
Author: Jeffrey Barnes, Macalester College
Advisor: Tom Halverson, Macalester College

Title: Deterministic and Small-World Network Models of College Drinking Patterns
Authors: Melissa Thompson, Central Washington University/Applied Mathematical Sciences Summer Institute (AMSSI), Roberto Rodriguez North Carolina State University/Applied Mathematical Sciences Summer Institute (AMSSI)
Advisor: Erika T. Camacho, Loyola Marymount

Title: Properties of Segments in the Hausdorff Metric Geometry
Authors: Lisa Morales California State Polytechnic University, Pomona/GVSU REU, Daniel Schultheis, University of Washington/GVSU REU
Advisors: Steven Schlicker, Grand Valley State University

Title: Quadratic Forms that Represent all Integers or All Large Integers in Given Arithmetic Progressions
Author: James Long, Columbia University
Advisor: Kimball Martin, Columbia University

Title: Irreducible Graphs
Author: Masanori Koyama, Harvey Mudd College
Advisors: David L. Neel and Michael E. Orrison, Seattle University and Harvey Mudd College

Title: Frobenius Vectors: Reducing and Bounding
Author: Jeffrey Amos, Kansas State University
Advisor: Vadim Ponomarenko, Trinity University

Title: On Complete Cyclic Cutwidth Critical Graphs and the Investigation of 4-linear Cutwidth Critical Tree Graphs
Author: Ruffin Swain, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Advisor: Joseph Chavez, California State University, San Bernardino

Title: Chaotic Population Dynamics in a Small-World Network Model
Author: Colin Kremer, State University of New York at Geneseo
Advisors: Chris Leary, Gary Towsley, and Gregg Hartvigsen, SUNY Genseo

Title: Minimum Rank of a Graph over an Arbitrary Field
Authors: Sean Droms. University of Mary Washington
Advisors: Leslie Hogben, Iowa State University

Title: PL Boundaries of Surfaces Which Immerse Isometrically in R2
Author: Andrew Gainer, Mercer University
Advisor: Margaret Symington, Mercer University

Title: Robinson's theorem in connection with a Putnam problem
Author: Andrew Homan, Ohio Northern University
Advisor: Mihai Caragiu, Ohio Northern University

Title: On Methods of Computing Log Canonical Thresholds and Equithreshold Deformation Spaces of Complex Plane Curve Singularities
Authors: Patrocinio Rivera, Robert Fraleigh and Jonathan Skowera, Rice University
Advisor: Brendan Hassett, Rice University