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Ed Aboufadel's Diaries

Several years ago, at a time when the job market was particularly difficult, FOCUS ran a series of articles by Ed Aboufadel, now teaching at Grand Valley State University but then a Ph.D. candidate. The articles contained a diary in which Ed recorded his experiences searching for a job in academia. The diaries gave an interesting glimpse of how the job search process looked from the candidate's side.

Since then, Ed twice more shared with us his experiences as a professional mathematician, first describing life in his new job and then describing his work in a search committee (thus giving us the other side of the story in the original diary).

Ed is now going through one more rite of passage of the mathematical community: the tenure review. This time, his diary will be appearing here, in MAA Online. As a service to our readers we have also decided to "reprint" the original diaries.


The Tenure-Track Diary

The Older Diaries




Edward Aboufadel teaches at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.



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