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Description of the History of Mathematics E-mail List

History of Mathematics E-mail List

This is an unmoderated mailing group for individuals with a serious interest in the history of mathematics. It deals with all aspects of the history of mathematics, including the following:
  • Announcements of meetings on the history of mathematics.
  • Information on new books and interesting journal articles.
  • Discussion of the teaching of the history of mathematics.
  • Using history in the classroom.
  • Questions that you would like the answer to.
  • and, hopefully, answers to those questions.
  • Discussion of questions unsettled in the literature.

If you would like to join this group on the history of mathematics, send email to:
consisting of the single line:
subscribe math-history-list

Within moments you will receive a message from "listserv" that you have been subscribed. Please save this message as it contains information about how to post messages to the list and how to unsubscribe.

If you wish to unsubscribe you should send a message to
consisting of the single line:
signoff math-history-list
You must do this from the same email account that you subscribed from. If you have changed accounts since you subscribed, you will need assistance from the owner of the list. Do not post a signoff message to the list itself.

The archives of the list are available so that you can see what has been posted since the inception of the list in September 1995. A second archive is available at the MAA. It begins only in June of 1997. Both archives have search engines.

The math-history-list is managed by V. Frederick Rickey, Contact him if you have any difficulties.