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Liaison Responsibilities

The purpose of this program is to give departments a chance to hear about opportunities that might interest faculty and students. Liaisons can receive anywhere from 5 to 20 emails a year, depending on what is relevant to their region and department. Here are some of the types of communications the Liaison may expect to receive from the MAA:

  • Information about regional programs, meetings, conferences and workshops for both colleagues and students (regional undergraduate math conferences, professional development workshops, etc.).
  • Calls for nominations for teaching awards, both national and regional (e.g., the Section's Distinguished Teaching Award).
  • Requests for feedback on proposed new MAA programs, particularly in the areas of electronic services and professional development. (These provide liaisons with chance to have a say in what kinds of programs are developed for mathematics faculty.)
  • Invitations to suggest names of speakers or organizers for Section programs, and to make nominations for Section committees and offices.
  • Requests for department news to be included in Section newsletters.

MAA/Department Liaisons are asked to:

  1. Encourage their contacts to join the Association and participate in sectional and national activities.
  2. Post flyers and forward to their contacts information received from the MAA, highlighting items of special interest.
  3. Encourage student participation in the Putnam and Mathematical Modeling competitions.
  4. Facilitate the formation of student chapters and help to keep them active.
  5. Facilitate the communication of news concerning their contacts to the section’s newsletter editor.
  6. Respond in a timely manner to requests from the MAA for feedback about current programs and help shaping future directions and new programs.
  7. Make suggestions to the Committee on MAA/Department Liaisons about ways to improve the liaisons program.