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MAA Found Math 2012 - Week 2


MAA Found Math: "Still Life with Magic Square" by Sylvie Donmoyer was awarded First Place at the Exhibition of Mathematical Art during The 2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston. Read the full press release.

According to the Exhibition's catalog:

"Still Life with Magic Square" is 20" x 26", oil paint on canvas, 2011. From Durer's magic square to strange cubes, painted by the precise brush of a would-be 17th century Dutch artist (from the description in the exhibition catalog). Donmoyer says "It all arose from a sense of wonder when seeing the formal beauty of mysterious objects called polyhedral. Since then, I have joyfully played with geometric shapes and it led me to explore the possible representations of Geometry in classical painting."

Image courtesy of the American Mathematical Society.

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