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MAA Found Math 2011 - Week 43


MAA Found Math: Tom Leathrum (editor of Loci) carved "quasipumpkin" for MAA's Mathematical Pumpkin challenge.
Leathrum writes, "'quasipumpkin' includes a segment of the 2-rhombus Penrose tiling P3. I couldn't go much further around the pumpkin than what is shown in the pictures, because the curvature of the pumpkin introduces distortions into the Penrose tiling. The pumpkin itself is rather small, less than 1 foot (30cm) in diameter. Perhaps I could have fit more of the tiling onto a larger pumpkin..." Read more about 'quasipumpkin' with references here. 

Did you use math to carve your pumpkin this year? Snap a photo and send it to See the full gallery here.

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