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MAA Found Math 2011 - Week 4


MAA Found Math: Carlo H. Séquin, EECS Computer Science Division, University of California, Berkeley, received Second Place for "Torus Knot (5,3)," (2010) in the 2011 Mathematical Art Exhibition Awards at the 2011 Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans.

"Torus knots of type (p,q) are simple knots that wind around an invisible donut in a regular manner – p times around the hole, and q times through the hole," said Séquin. "By using a somewhat more angular shape for the donut and a variable-size, crescent-shaped cross section for the ribbon, this mathematical construct can be turned into a constructivist sculpture. The challenge was to find a way to make a mold for casting this highly intertwined structure. The solution was to cast three identical pieces, which were then threaded together and welded to each other."

2011 Mathematical Art Exhibition Awards

The 2011 Joint Mathematics Meetings were held January 6 - 9 in New Orleans

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