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Pivot and Gauss-Jordan Tool

Allows user-entered matrix of up to \(15 \times 15\). Allows user to enter each row operation, or allows the option of pivoting about any entry in the matrix. Displays only most current matrix, not original matrix or matrices after intermediate steps.

Average: 2.3 (7 votes)
Stefan Waner, Steven R. Costenoble
David Strong
Stefan Waner, Steven R. Costenoble


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The "Divide Row by Selection" sometimes has trouble with fractions and decimal values. The Pivot on Selection option is nice. The decimal vs. fraction option is nice. Reduce Completely would be nicer if the matrices after intermediate steps were shown. How to do the row operations of multiplying one row by a scalar or adding a multiple of one row another is a bit confusing at first. Clicking on Click here for detailed instructions helps.

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Basically, this is a Gaussian elimination spreadsheet. Enter your matrix and step through reduction via Gaussian elimination. The user can specify a specific row operation to perform, or can clear a column based on a selected pivot at the click of one button. A nice tool, but limited utility.