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Visualizing Linear Algebra with Maple

Website (hosted by Prentice-Hall) containing free collection of 29 projects, and 10 applications, for all topics in a traditional first course in LA.

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Sandra Z. Keith
Douglas Meade
Prentice Hall
Sandra Z. Keith

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This collection is basically a solutions manual for the book Visualizing Linear Algebra with Maple by Sandra Z. Keith, Prentice Hall, 2001. Frequent use is made of deprecated commands and the deprecated package linalg, which has been replaced by the LinearAlgebra package. Both the book and this collection are better for learning Maple than for learning linear algebra. The book contains the descriptions of the projects and applications, though it is often possible to figure out what problems are being solved by looking at this collection. Almost all the advice and information about Maple's commands and how to use them are contained in the book. Oddly enough, I think the weakest part of this collection is the Maple graphics. Objects are often drawn from a point of view that makes them hard to see and/or hides their properties; curves that are supposed to give a good fit to data are drawn without the data points; silly animations are included that do nothing to enhance understanding of linear algebra. Commands are often strung together on one line, making them hard to read. It seems to me that most students would find it difficult to use this collection without the book on which it is based. There is much good material here, but the presentation of it is far from ideal.

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This is a collection of Maple worksheets turned into HTML files demonstrating how to solve a system of equations in 3 variables and visualize it as the intersection of several planes. The worksheets are now somewhat old fashioned but they work.