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Linear Algebra Demos, Drexel Univ

There are 5 applets each using 2 by 2 matrices which can be entered by the user. Each applet shows information in graphics form and text form. In four of the applets the user can drag vectors to illustrate the concepts involved. The directions mention an enter button which is not visible. Each applet could be used as part of an introductory lecture and then students could experiment further.

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David Hill
Drexel University
Drexel University
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Java may need to be enabled in the Java Console

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Easy to use - after some explanation. The connection between graphics and the displays complement one another. The determinant applet nicely treats how the value of the determinant changes for operations like transpose, inverse, interchange of columns. and scalar multiplies.

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Although I was able to play the applets, they did not seem to work correctly.  In particular, there were windows that hid part of the information, and it was not always clear what the viewer should appreciate from the applet.