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Computer Graphics Project

Introduces the main concepts of computer graphics in 2 and 3 dimensions in under 7 pages, with exercises. Transformations are applied to a 2D figure (the letter F) and a 3D object (a simple house). Includes two files of figures (cg1 and cg2). Solutions and figures for the exercises are available to instructors from the author on request.

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Daniel Drucker
Steven Leon
Wayne State University website
Daniel Drucker


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This is a nice application to include for the topic of linear transformations in a linear algebra course. I have had some students get really excited about the linear algebra course after working on assignments and projects involving computer graphics and computer animations. Although some linear algebra textbooks do discuss computer graphics, I suspect that most of the textbooks do not. Furthermore those that discuss computer graphics generally only cover the 2D case and don't do the 3D case. So this module could be a valuable supplement for a linear algebra course. The material would be easier for students to work through if the author would include all of the figures in the main text file rather than in separate files.

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This write up contains thorough development of how computer graphics work.