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Matrix Algebra Demos

Videos with audio on introductory linear algebra topics: dot product, matrix addition, matrix-vector product, matrix multiplication, method of elimination, reduced row echelon form, solving homogeneous systems, determinants of small matrices, determinants by expansion, determinants by row operations, a determinant application, discussion of eigen information, computing eigenvalues and eigenvectors of 2 by 2 and 3 by 3 matrices

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David Hill
Jeff Holt
David Hill


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This site has a collection of flash videos with audio. The videos are carefully produced, and could serve as a nice supplement for students requiring additional instruction. Because the videos are Flash-based, they may not work on some Apple products.

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A nice collection of 28 "movies" providing demonstrations of different linear algebra topics. Most include some instructional review followed by a worked example. (Similar to Khan Academy type resources.) These would be an excellent resource to supplement my lectures - particularly for students with poor notes.