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Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper

BA, Mathematics/Computer Science
Gettysburg College

MS, Telecommunications
Johns Hopkins University

Corporate Technical Developer
P.H. Glatfelter Company

My Job: Since 1992,1 have worked on projects to streamline the business practices for a world leading paper manufacturing company. My current job is to maintain knowledge of new and emerging technologies in the computer field that if implemented, could improve the bottom line of the company. I am also responsible for maintaining areas of local and wide area networks that support manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. I installed Internet connectivity and E-mail for the entire corporation, and have assumed the Webmaster position. This project gave me the opportunity to work with routers, T-l lines, networks, protocols, servers, LANs, WANs, HTML, and everything needed to support a World Wide Web site.

I started with the company in 1992 as a computer programmer. I began my career writing business systems from written specifications for an IBM mainframe. I have used many computer-programming languages such as COBOL, FoxPro, C++, PowerBuilder, Pascal, and JAVA to write computer programs. In this position I used my mathematics degree to develop algorithms that would maximize CPU utilization and write efficient computer programs.

After six months, I was promoted to a Systems Analyst. In this position I designed computer software for business systems such as accounts payable, time management, steam collection from turbine generators, sales systems, inventory management and many others. I used my mathematics knowledge every day for compiling statistics and calculus and numerical analysis for modeling complex software systems. I was on the forefront in developing client-server applications, and implementing new Informalion Systems architectures with my company.

After two years as a Systems Analyst I was promoted to my current position. As a Corporate Technical Developer, I must be aware of new and emerging technologies. I often travel to trade shows such as COMDEX, Networld+Interop, Comnet, and other large shows throughout the country to evaluate the new technologies. My corporate responsibilities require me to support computer systems at three manufacturing facilities across the United States. I often travel on our private jet to these sites for an extended or just a day visit to implement these new technologies.

I am also the Webmaster for the Glatfelter Company. This has allowed me to build the Internet infrastructure from the ground up. I installed the hardware and software necessary to support a WWW server, Internet news server, E-mail server, intranet server, and other Internet hardware and software. Another part of this job is to develop the actual web site and all the web pages. This has been a rewarding and challenging task; all made possible by my mathematics degree.

My career at Glatfelter began with a solid foundation in mathematics. My job allows me to actively use some of the leading tools in technology and putting them to work in the business world.. Since then I have been working to obtain an advanced degree at Johns Hopkins University. Having a mathematics degree opens the door for almost any career you can imagine.