What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 14 - 2017

Editor:  Janet Beery

Associate Editors: Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, Janet Heine Barnett, Maureen Carroll, Lawrence D'Antonio, Victor Katz, Michael Molinsky, Elyn Rykken, Gabriela Sanchis, Randy Schwartz, Amy Shell-Gellasch, Jody Sorensen, Gary Stoudt, Erik R. Tou

Founding Editors: Victor Katz, Frank Swetz


Crossword Puzzle: Mathematicians from A to Z, by Sid Kolpas and Stu Ockman

Or, what happened when a mathematics professor and a professional crossword puzzle constructor became neighbors!

A Translation of Evangelista Torricelli's Quadratura Parabolae per novam indivisibilium Geometriam pluribus modis absoluta, by Andrew Leahy and Kasandara Sullivan

An English translation and study of a work representative of the seventeenth century infinitesimal methods introduced by Cavalieri.

Exploring Liu Hui's Cube Puzzle: From Paper Folding to 3-D Design, by Lingguo Bu

How your students can explore an ancient cube dissection using paper models, computer animations, and/or 3D printing!

Illustrating The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art: Their Use in a College Mathematics History Classroom, by Joel K. Haack

The author's experiences on an MAA Mathematical Study Tour to China can enhance your classroom, too.

The Method of the Scales in ibn al-Hāʾim's Book of Delights, by Randy K. Schwartz and Frank J. Swetz

See the “method of the scales” (double false position) in use in Kitāb al-nuzah (Book of Delights), by ibn al-Hāʾim.

Moses ibn Tibbon’s Hebrew Translation of al-Hassar's Kitāb al Bayān, by Jeremy I. Pfeffer

An exploration of Abu Bakr al-Hassar's influential work about arithmetic of fractions, Kitāb al Bayān wa-l-tadhkār (Book of Proof and Recall)

HOM SIGMAA 2017 Student Paper Contest Winners

Download the three winning papers from the 14th annual competition.

Impacts of a Unique Course on the History of Mathematics in the Islamic World, by Nuh Aydin

How this course has affected its instructor and students, and how you, too, can teach such a course!

Analysis and Translation of Raffaele Rubini's 1857 'Application of the Theory of Determinants: Note', by Salvatore J. Petrilli, Jr., and Nicole Smolenski

A compendium of early determinant theory offered in defense of "analytic" mathematics

The Mathematics of Levi ben Gershon in the Classroom, by Shai Simonson

Translation of "word problems" and estimates of square roots and of pi for use with your students

Trisecting an Angle Using Mechanical Means, by Keith Dreiling

Four methods in all by Hippias, Archimedes, and Nicomedes illustrated with interactive applets!

The Mathematical Cultures of Medieval Europe, by Victor J. Katz

Cultural influences on the mathematics of Islamic, Jewish, and Catholic scholars

Recreational Problems in Medieval Mathematics, by Victor J. Katz

Two problems that endured across time, space, and culture

A Series of Mini-projects from TRansforming Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources, by Janet Barnett, Kathy Clark, Dominic Klyve, Jerry Lodder, Danny Otero, Nick Scoville, and Diana White

Math Origins, by Erik R. Tou

How were concepts, definitions, and theorems familiar to today's students of mathematics developed over time?

Mathematical Treasures at the Linda Hall Library, by Cynthia J. Huffman

Description of the physical and digital history of science collections of the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City. At least 75 of LHL's digitized rare books relate to the history of mathematics and can be used in classrooms.

Mathematical Treasures from the Linda Hall Library, by Cynthia J. Huffman

Mathematical Treasures, by Frank J. Swetz

Index to Mathematical Treasures Collection: Images of historical texts and objects from libraries, museums, and individuals around the world for use in your classroom!

Mathematical Treasures added during 2017: