Algebra Tiles Explorations of al-Khwārizmī ’s Equation Types: References, Acknowledgements and About the Author

Günhan Caglayan (New Jersey City University)


Rosen, Frederic, trans. and ed. 1831. The Algebra of Mohammed ben Musa [al-Khwārizmī]. London: Oriental Translation Fund.

Otero, Daniel E. 2019. Completing the Square: From the Roots of Algebra, A Mini-Primary Source Project for Students of Algebra and Their Teachers. Convergence 16 (September). DOI:10.4169/convergence20190901.



The author wishes to thank the Convergence editorial board and anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on earlier drafts.


About the Author

Günhan Caglayan (MR Author ID: 1116420) teaches mathematics at New Jersey City University. His main interests are mathematical visualization and student learning through modeling and visualization.