The Educational Times Database: Acknowledgments and About the Author

Robert M. Manzo (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

The author would like to thank project leader Sloan Despeaux for including him as part of the database development team. She graciously acted as an academic mentor and also referred him to many valuable resources in a discipline (history of mathematics) with which he was previously unfamiliar. Thanks also to Jim Tattersall and Mark Holliday for sharing, via e-mail, their experiences as contributors to this project. Last but not least, the author is grateful for his many meetings with Caleb Tupone and Kevin Filanowski, who took time to explain the requirements and inner workings of a well-formed database.

About the Author

Robert Manzo earned a degree in Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2015 and an MA in History from Western Carolina University in 2020. Between degrees he worked in central North Carolina as a public librarian and a curriculum designer for a nonprofit adult literacy and GED program. Reflecting his interests in disability history and library history, his MA thesis explored the development of public libraries in North Carolina from 1896 to 1929, interpreting the state’s first public libraries as a product of the complex, contradictory Southern Progressive movement active at the turn of the twentieth century. Currently a PhD student in the School of Information and Library Science at UNC–Chapel Hill, Robert researches print and online publishing spaces used by autistic self-advocates who are re-shaping public and scientific discourses about what autism is and means. This research is based in respect for subaltern and historically silenced peoples whose capacity for self-definition and self-determination has been, and still is, typically denied by hegemonic discourses and institutions. At present, Robert lives in southeastern North Carolina with his fiancée, who is a public reference librarian specializing in local history and genealogy.