Converting the Old Babylonian Tablet ‘Plimpton 322’ into the Decimal System as a Classroom Exercise: Acknowledgements and About the Authors

Antonella Perucca (University of Luxembourg) and Deborah Stranen (University of Luxembourg)


The authors heartily thank Convergence editors Amy Ackerberg-Hastings and Janet Heine Barnett who invested a considerable amount of time in transforming the initial draft of the paper into a nice article for Convergence. We thank them in particular for their considerable support and encouragement.

About the Authors

Antonella Perucca is Professor for Mathematics and its Didactics at the University of Luxembourg. She is responsible for the training of future teachers, does research in Number Theory, invents mathematical exhibits, and carries on further projects in didactics (see
Deborah Stranen is a mathematics teacher in Luxembourg. She holds a Master of Secondary Education degree from the University of Luxembourg; the content of the present article is part of her Master’s Thesis, supervised by Antonella Perucca.