A Political Redistricting Tool for the Rest of Us - Redistricting with SweepCircles

Redistricting With SweepCircles

Algorithm written by Albert Schueller and Evan Kleiner


This is a map of the state of Washington with a light grey scale population density function overlayed. As the grey scale indicates, significant populations are concentrated around the Puget Sound area (Seattle) and near the middle of the eastern border (Spokane).

Your job is to create a set of congressional districts for the state. Begin by placing 10 points on the map with your mouse. These are the 'centers' of Washington's congressional districts. Once this is completed, the algorithm will begin and concentric circles will grow out of each center until they either reach their appropriate population (1/10 of Washington's total population), or until they are blocked off from further growth by the districts surrounding them. A table below the map will display the district populations as the algorithm runs. After all of the circles have stopped growing,your effort will be scored. (see Scoring)

You will then have the opportunity to move the centers so as to generate better districts than your previous attempt. This process repeats itself until you are satisfied with the districts you have generated. Please watch our tutorial video to see how it works. Good Luck!

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You have 10 Centers left to place!