Algebraic Formalism within the Works of Servois and Its Influence on the Development of Linear Operator Theory - Acknowledgments / About the Authors

Anthony J. Del Latto (Adelphi University) and Salvatore J. Petrilli, Jr. (Adelphi University)


The authors are extremely grateful to referees for their many helpful suggestions and corrections.

About the Authors

Anthony J. Del Latto is an undergraduate mathematics major at Adelphi University. He is currently a senior and serves as a tutor for the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. After completing his bachelor's degree, he wishes to continue his studies in mathematics at the graduate level. His research interests include abstract algebra, history of mathematics, and applied statistics.

Salvatore J. Petrilli, Jr. is an assistant professor at Adelphi University. He has a B.S. in mathematics from Adelphi University and an M.A. in mathematics from Hofstra University. He received an Ed.D. in mathematics education from Teachers College, Columbia University, where his advisor was J. Philip Smith. His research interests include history of mathematics and mathematics education.