Mathematical Treasures - Francesco Barozzi's Procli Diadochi

Frank J. Swetz and Victor J. Katz


This is the frontispiece of Procli Diadochi by Francesco Barozzi, published in Venice, 1560.  Barozzi (1537 - 1604) was a Venetian nobleman, mathematician, astronomer and humanist.  A correspondent of Christopher Clavius, he was well known in the Italian mathematical community of the time.  He was a translator of and commentator on ancient mathematical classics and was particularly active in the 16th century movement to revive an interest in Euclidean geometry.  His book is a translation of and commentary on the edition of Euclid's Elements by Proclus or Proclus Diadochus (411 - 485), a manuscript known simply as Procli Diadochi.  The portrait depicts Barozzi.



A discussion of parallel lines from Procli Diadochipages 214 - 215.  Barozzi was noted for devising fourteen different methods for constructing a set of parallel lines.


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