Tool Building: Web-based Linear Algebra Modules - Ways to Read this Article

David E. Meel and Thomas A. Hern

Our initial aim is to demonstrate several web-based tools designed to explore elementary linear algebra content. We know that readers may have different interests, and this web-based environment allows you to navigate in different ways. We have developed the following three different paths through the article:

  • The Tool path, indicated by the icon :
    This path considers only at the Tools and corresponding sample activities. Prior to linking to a tool, we provide a brief orientation to the elements of that tool.
  • The Pedagogical path, indicated by the icon :
    This path augments the Tool path with examples of student work and their reactions to the tools and cognitively guided activities. 
  • The Researcher path, indicated by the icon :
    This path augments the Pedagogical path with discussions of student difficulties and research into ways to help students overcome cognitive obstacles.

You will be able to navigate to the next item on your selected path by page numbers stated at the bottom of each page. If you follow every page, you will be on the Researcher path. As you move between pages, you will stay in the same window, but each tool will open in a separate window, allowing you to explore while walking through the orientation, as well as attempt the sample activity.

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