The Connected Curriculum Project - Abstract

David Smith and Lang Moore

The Connected Curriculum Project (CCP) is a coordinated effort to create interactive learning environments for a wide range of mathematical topics and mathematics-based applications. Our materials combine the flexibility and connectivity of the Web with the power of computer algebra systems. These materials may be used by groups of learners as an integrated part of a course or by individuals as independent projects or supplements to classroom discussions.

David Smith and Lang Moore are Associate Professors Emeriti of Mathematics at Duke University.

[Editor's Note: All CCP materials and related articles in Issue 3 of Voluime 1-- including this article -- have been under the editorial supervision of Associate Editor Jerry Porter to avoid the obvious possibility of conflicting interests when the Editor is also an author. This article is about the entire CCP site, not specifically about the selected CCP modules published in JOMA. Publication of this article is not an endorsement by or publication of any of the CCP materials other than those specifically listed in JOMA. DAS]

Copyright 2001 by David Smith and Lang Moore
Published December, 2001