The Probability/Statistics Object Library - Installing the Dice Experiment Applet

Kyle Siegrist

The procedure for installing an applet in a Web page is relatively simple -- I illustrate with the Dice Experiment:

  1. At the library web page for the Dice Experiment applet, click on the link to download and save DiceExperiment.jar, the Java Archive (JAR) file for the applet. This file contains all of the Java class and resource files (such as image files and sound files) needed for the applet.
  2. Insert the following in the HTML (Web) page at the point where the applet is to appear:


The snippet of code in the second step is raw HTML and is based on the assumption that the HTML page and the JAR file are in the same folder. If they are in different folders, only the archive property needs to be changed to give the appropriate address of the JAR file. A Web-authoring tool such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver will have a simple point and click method for inserting an applet, sparing you from writing any HTML code.

Since the applets in the PSOL are freely available for use and redistribution, you can publish your materials on your school's web server or a local intranet, or you can install the materials on individual PCs. This freedom of distribution is a significant factor if your school has unreliable or incomplete Internet connections.