Animated Sequences

Xiao Gang

From the WWW Interactive Mathematics Server site -- see the author's paper spotlighted at the left. The objective of this mathlet is to investigate the behavior of series and sequences of functions. The input is a general term for a series or sequence of functions, and the output is an animation of the progression of the partial sums of the series or terms of the sequence.


Plot of the series , where un = -(-1) nxn/n
Reference function: log( + 1)

Animation generated using WIMS -- to repeat animation, reload page.


Open the Animated Sequences mathlet in a new window.


Systems supported: IE 5/MacOS 9.0.3, IE 5/Win98, Netscape 4.7/MacOS 9.0.3, Netscape 4.7/Win98


The source code of the system (server and modules) is freely downloadable from the WIMS site, distributed under the GNU General Public License. At the current stage, the system is available only for Linux, with no immediate prospect of porting it to other operating systems.

Published January, 2001