Editor's Notes, July 2004 - Archives

David A. Smith

JOMA is now in its fourth year (volume), and the previous volumes currently reside on a different site.  For the years 2001-2003, MathDL (including JOMA) was hosted by Math Forum , to whom we say "thank you" for supporting us through our infancy.

In time -- soon, we hope -- all of the archived material will be reformatted and moved to this site.  When that happens, it can all be accessed through our new Search/Browse facility.  In the interim, we will link to the archived material at Math Forum.

On the JOMA home page, you will see an Archive link in the left column. (That link is obsolete. It has been replaced by a link to the new JOMA Tables of Contents page, ed. 2014)  That link takes you to a page that explains how our interim archive works.  It also links to tables of contents for the first three volumes.  The links from the TOC pages go to the front pages of the individual items still housed at Math Forum.  From those front pages on, all internal links are relative, so navigation should proceed normally, even though the name joma.org has been moved to this site.

During the transition, as items are brought in-house, they may show up in both places -- via Archive links to Math Forum, and via Search/Browse on this site.  Once the transition is complete, the Archive will be switched to in-house links -- and I will announce the change in a future edition of these Notes.