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Spotlight: Archives of American Mathematics

A series of articles on the Archives of American Mathematics

Archives of American Mathematics home page

The Archives of American Mathematics (AAM) is a unit of the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin. As the only archival repository in the United States dedicated solely to collecting and preserving the papers and records of mathematicians and mathematical organizations, the AAM is the premier resource for researchers seeking primary sources in mathematics. The AAM is home to the MAA's records.

About the Archives

An Interview with Carol Mead, Mathematics Archivist
Carol Mead discusses the Archives of American Mathematics and her role there.

Archives of American Mathematics on the Web
The Archives of American Mathematics website provides finding aids, resources, and a subject guide

The Mathematical Association of America Records
The extensive MAA Records are a core collection of the Archives of American Mathematics.

The Archives of American Mathematics
The AAM makes important collections available for teaching and research

Get Involved

The AAM Guide to Donating Collections 
Which records does the AAM collect, and how can you donate them?

Oral History and the Archives of American Mathematics
You can conduct an oral history interview of interest to the AAM.

An MAA Photographic Mystery
The story behind two previously unidentified photographs is revealed.

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Featured Collections

The Paul R. Halmos Papers
Notes, publications, manuscripts, lectures, correspondence, course materials, and personal records document the career of mathematician, teacher, author, and editor Paul Halmos.

The William G. Chinn Papers
The papers of this educator and former second vice president of the MAA document his involvement with the Mathematical Association of America, the School Mathematics Study Group, and the U.S. Commission on Mathematical Instruction.

Two Audio Collections
Recordings of Pat Kenschaft's Math Medley radio show and oral history interviews of prominent mathematicians in the field of finite simple group theory, conducted and recorded by Joseph Gallian, are now available.

The Lawrence Biedenharn Papers
Notes, publications, conference talks, teaching materials, correspondence, and personal documents of one of the leaders of modern theoretical physics are now available.

The Jeanne Agnew Papers
Correspondence, publications, photographs, and printed materials document the teaching career of Jeanne Agnew at Oklahoma State University, including her publications and work on several National Science Foundation grants.

The Isaac Jacob Schoenberg Papers
Correspondence, manuscripts of published and unpublished papers and lectures, research notes, teaching materials, and photographs document the career of mathematician Isaac Jacob Schoenberg.

The School Mathematics Study Group Records
Records documenting the history of the School Mathematics Study Group (SMSG), including the writing, implementation, and evaluation of the SMSG curriculum, as well as the files of the director, Edward G. Begle, are now available.

The Alfred Schild Papers
Papers documenting the career of Alfred Schild, a mathematical physicist specializing in relativity and gravitation at the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the University of Texas at Austin, are now available.

The H.S. Vandiver Papers
Correspondence, research notes, bibliographies, lecture notes, notebooks, drafts of publications, reprints, and photographs document the career of H.S. Vandiver.

The Bryce S. DeWitt Papers
General research files containing handwritten notes, correspondence, and printed material, as well as extensive documentation of the 1973 eclipse experiment, document the career of Bryce S. DeWitt, known for his mathematical approach to physics and his work in quantum field theory, supermanifolds, gauge theory, and relativistic astrophysics.

The Walter Feit Papers
Correspondence, preprints, reprints, and manuscripts document the career of Walter Feit, a pure mathematician who contributed to algebra, geometry, topology, number theory, and logic.

The New Mathematical Library Papers
Records documenting the New Mathematical Library, a mathematical monograph series aimed at high school and early college students, including the work of its longtime editor Anneli Lax.

The Max Dehn Papers
Papers documenting the career of Max Dehn, relating chiefly to his research in geometry, topology, group theory, and the history of mathematics, are now available.

The R.H. Bing Papers
Correspondence, research and lecture notes, drafts of publications, teaching material, memoranda, reports, newspaper clippings, preprints, and reprints document the career of R.H. Bing in geometric topology, largely as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

The George Bruce Halsted Papers
Correspondence, ephemera, printed material, photographs, and publications document the life and work of George Bruce Halsted, a mathematician who explored foundations of geometry and introduced non-Euclidean geometry to the United States.

Addition to the Mathematical Association of America Records
Additional records from the MAA headquarters were recently added to this collection of correspondence, printed material, notes, publications, and photographs documenting the work of the MAA.

The R.L. Moore Papers
Correspondence, research notebooks, drafts, teaching material, mathematical notes, printed material, photographs and other material document the life and career of R.L. Moore, a prominent mathematician and professor of mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin for almost fifty years.

NCTM Oral History Project Records
Audiocassette recordings of the interviews, typed transcripts, release forms, and related materials created and collected by the NCTM Oral History Task Force are now available.