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Award Guidelines

Edyth May Sliffe, a high school teacher of mathematics at Emery High School in Emeryville, California, made this bequest to the Mathematical Association of America for the purpose of giving awards to high school mathematics teachers whose teams have done well on the AMC 12. Sliffe was motivated to make this bequest because, while her students had always done very well on the AMC 12 and received various honors, she as a teacher had never received any recognition. She always felt that such teachers should receive some awards.

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Award recipients are selected from nominations received from the three students of each of the 60 highest scoring teams on the AMC 12. These students were asked to recommend a teacher who in their opinion was most responsible for his or her success on the AMC 12.

In addition to a cash prize, the award winning teachers receive: a letter of congratulations from the President of the MAA; a certificate signed by the President of the MAA, Chair of the Committee on the AMC 12, and the Director of the American Mathematics Competitions; and a free one-year membership in the MAA. Whenever possible these awards are presented to the winners during an award ceremony arranged by their school administrators.

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