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  • 8-24-1561

    Bartholomaus Pitiscus born in Gruenberg, Silesia (now Poland). He is best known for having been first to use the term "trigonometry" (in his book title Trigonometria) and for his corrections to Rheticus's trigonometric tables.

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    Bartholomeo Pitiscus
    Georg Joachim Rheticus
  • 8-24-1595

    Thomas Digges died in London, England. He is best known for his support of the Copernican theory and his books Pantometria, on geometry, optics, and surveying, and Stratioticos, on ballistics and other military matters. His mentors were his father, Leonard Digges, and John Dee.

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    Thomas Digges
    John Dee
  • 8-24-1654

    Pascal wrote to Fermat, describing his solution to the Problem of the Points (a probability problem) and asking Fermat to critique it.

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    Blaise Pascal
    Pierre de Fermat
    Problem of Points