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  • 8-31-1682

    Michele Rolle published an elegant solution to a difficult problem publicly posed by Ozanam: Find four integers the difference of any two of which is a perfect square as well as the sum of three of the numbers. This brought him public recognition.

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    Michel Rolle
    Jacques Ozanam
  • 8-31-1899

    Cantor wrote Dedekind, remarking that his "diagonal process" could be used to show that the power set of a set has more elements than the set itself.

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    Georg Cantor
    Richard Dedekind
  • 8-31-1945

    Stefan Banach died in Lvov, in what is now Ukraine. His doctoral dissertation, published in Fundamenta mathematicae in 1922, contained the foundations of functional analysis.

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    Stefan Banach
    Functional Analysis
  • 8-31-1950

    Kurt Godel addressed the International Congress of Mathematicians, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on his work in relativity theory.

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    Kurt Godel
    Theory of Relativity