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  • 9-24-1501

    Girolamo Cardano born in Pavia, Milan, Italy. Famous for his Ars magna of 1545, which contained algebraic solutions to cubic and quadric equations, he was one of the most colorful figures in the whole history of mathematics.

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    Girolamo Cardano
    Ars Magna
  • 9-24-1625

    Jan de Witt born in Dordrecht, Netherlands. This statesman for the Netherlands wrote, before 1650, one of the first systematic developments of the analytic geometry of the straight line and conics. It was printed in Van Schooten's second Latin edition of Descartes' geometry (1659-1661).

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    Jan de Witt
  • 9-24-1844

    Max Noether, father of Emmy Noether and a mathematician himself, born in Mannheim, Baden, Germany.

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    Max Noether