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  • 10-23-526

    Boethius, Roman mathematician, executed. He is best known for his preservation of the basics of Greek mathematics in several treatises.

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    Anicius Boethius
  • 10-23-2007

    David Kendall, expert in applied probability and data analysis, died in Cambridge, England. Besides applying probability and statistics to many non-mathematical fields, he viewed statistical ideas geometrically and geometrical ideas statistically.

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    David Kendall
  • 10-23-1852

    De Morgan conveyed Four Color Problem to Hamilton, writing,

    "A student of mine asked me today to give him a reason for a fact which I did not know was a fact—and do not yet. He says that if a figure be anyhow divided and the compartments differently coloured so that the figures with any portion of common boundary line are differently coloured—four colours may be wanted, but not more… Query cannot a necessity for five or more be invented."

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    The Four Color Problem
    Augustus de Morgan
    William Rowan Hamilton

    Source: Combinatorics: Ancient and Modern, by Robin Wilson & John J. Watkins (Oxford, 2013)