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MathFest Student Paper Sessions

MAA Student Paper Sessions at MathFest 2015

Students who wish to present at the MAA Student Paper Sessions at MathFest 2015 in Washington, DC must be sponsored by a faculty advisor familiar with the work to be presented. Some funding to cover costs (up to $500) for student presenters is available. At most two students from each institution or REU can receive full funding; additional such students may be funded at a lower rate. All presenters are expected to take full part in the meeting and attend indicated activities sponsored for students on all three days of the conference.

Organizers: Theron J. Hitchman, University of Northern Iowa; Jiehua Zhu, Georgia Southern University

Thank you to everyone who presented in the 2015 Student Paper Sessions! Use the links below to take a look at the abstract book and the list of winners. If you have questions about the student paper session, please email Margaret Maurer at

Congratulations to the 2015 Award Winners!

MathFest 2014 Student Paper Session Winners

Past Sessions and Winners

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August 5-8 in Washington, DC
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