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Teachers play a pivotal role in inspiring and fostering young mathematicians. And the MAA is developing resources that will inspire your curriculum! There is a logical connection between our mission to advance mathematics at the collegiate level and the work that middle and high school math teachers perform to lay the foundations for mathematical thinking in their students. Recognizing that connection, the MAA has developed a new membership category, K-12 Teacher membership. This membership is included with your registration for either the AMC 8 and AMC 10/12 contests. 

Register your school for either the AMC 8 or AMC 10/12 competitions and start taking advantage of the MAA K-12 Teacher Member benefits today!

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AMC Publications

Curriculum Inspirations

Developed by James Tanton, Curriculum Inspirations is a collection of resources for Middle and High School Math Teachers that demonstrate practical ways to engage students in the lively exploration of mathematics and mathematical thinking using problems from AMC 8/10/12 contests — America’s longest-running and most prestigious mathematics competitions.

AMC Advantage - The Online AMC Course

  • On-demand, self-paced, for students of all levels
  • Skill-building problem sets on key AMC topics
  • Full-length mock tests
  • Scores, performance analysis, and ranking
  • Complete solutions
  • Educator dashboard

Sliffe Teaching Awards

The Sliffe Award was created from a bequest from Edyth May Sliffe, a high school teacher of mathematics at Emery High School in Emeryville, California, to the Mathematical Association of America for the purpose of giving awards to high school mathematics teachers whose teams have done well on the AMC 12. Sliffe was motivated to make this bequest because, while her students had always done very well on the AMC 12 and received various honors, she as a teacher had never received any recognition. She always felt that such teachers should receive some awards. More information, including nominating forms, is available at the Sliffe Teaching Awards main page.

Teacher Manuals & Additional Resources