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A Guide to Functional Analysis

Steven G. Krantz

The purpose of A Guide to Functional Analysis is to introduce the reader with minimal background to the basic scripture of functional analysis. Readers should know some real analysis and some linear algebra. Measure theory rears its ugly head in some of the examples and also in the treatment of spectral theory. The latter is unavoidable and the former allows us to present a rich variety of examples. The nervous reader may safely skip any of the measure theory and still derive a lot from the rest of the book. Apart from this caveat, the book is almost completely self-contained; in a few instances we mention easily accessible references.

A feature that sets this book apart from most other functional analysis texts is that it has a lot of examples and a lot of applications. This helps to make the material more concrete, and relates it to ideas that the reader has already seen. It also makes the book more accessible to a broader audience.

Electronic ISBN 9781614442134

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