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  • 2-24-1582

    Pope Gregory VIII promulgated his calendar reform in the papal bull Inter gravissimus (of the gravest concern). It took effect October 5, 1582.

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    The Gregorian Calendar
  • 2-24-1842

    Sylvester resigned his position at the University of Virginia (after only four months), after a dispute with a student who was reading a newspaper in class. Persistent rumors that he killed the student are unfounded.

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    James Joseph Sylvester
  • 2-24-1856

    Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky died in Kazan, Russia. Known best for his invention of hyperbolic geometry, Lobachevsky spent most of his life and his entire career at the University of Kazan.

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    Nikolai Lobachevsky
  • 2-24-1878

    Felix Bernstein born. In 1895 or 1896, while still a Gymnasium student, he volunteered to read the proofs of a paper of Georg Cantor on set theory. In the process of doing this the idea came to him one morning while shaving of how to prove what is now called the Cantor-Bernstein theorem: If each of two sets is equivalent to a subset of the other, then they are equivalent.

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    Felix Bernstein
    Georg Cantor
    Cantor-Bernstein Theorem