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  • 12-5-1610

    Benedetto Castelli, a former student of Galileo, wrote him, that if Copernicus was correct, Venus should sometimes appear "horned" and sometimes not.

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    Benedetto Castelli
    Galileo Galilei
  • 12-5-1825

    Abel wrote how delighted he was that Crelle was starting a new mathematics journal, for this meant he would now have a place to publish his research. The first volume contained seven papers by Abel.

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    Niels Abel
    August Crelle
  • 12-5-1883

    J. J. Sylvester, in Baltimore, received a cable containing the single word, "Elected," informing him of his appointment as Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford. This ended his seven year stay at Johns Hopkins University.

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    James Joseph Sylvester