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MAA Math Alert - August 2009

News and Views

MathFest 2009 a Smashing Success
Check out some of the highlights from this year's record-breaking meeting here. More photos here.

Writing and Teaching Awards Handed Out at MathFest 2009
The MAA presented several prestigious awards in Portland, Ore. Read More

MathFest 5K Fun Run/Walk Helps Portland's Homeless
This year's edition of the 5K Fun Run/Walk, at MathFest in Portland, Ore. attracted around 175 runners and walkers, and the MAA was proud to donate $2,500 to JOIN, a Portland non profit organization. Read More

U.S. Team at the China Girls Math Olympiad Brings Home Seven Medals
All seven girls on the U.S. team at the2009 China Girls Mathematical Olympiadteam will be coming home with medals. Read More

Featured Articles

Launchings by David Bressoud - Wolfram | Alpha
Read about the effect Wolfram|Alphacould have on the teaching of mathematics. Read More

The Mathematical Tourist by Ivars Peterson - High School Musicaland Formulas for Pi
Find out what Ramanujan's mathematics is doing in the insanely popular Disney movieHigh School Musical. Read More

New From the MAA

New Item in LOCI Resources
The Probability Aquariumis a Java applet that presents basic probability rules in the context of interactive questions based on selecting fish at random from an aquarium. Keep up with LOCI on Twitter by searching #maaloci.

September Math Horizons to Feature a Sleek, New Design
Subscribers to Math Horizons should watch for the student magazine's new look in the upcoming September issue.

Attention math departments! Don't forget to purchase your bulk subscription in time to get the new-look Math Horizons into your students' hands. Click here to subscribe

Elementary Cryptanalysis, 2nd Edition by Abraham Sinkov, updated by Todd Feil

Mathematics in Historical Context by Jeff Suzuki

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August, 2009