Communications in Visual Mathematics

The information below and on the following pages is part of a project from 1996 to 1998 to develop one of the first on-line mathematics journals where multimedia presentations were the focus. Only one prototype issue was deployed, and it is presented here, as volume 0 of the JOMA, virtually unchanged from how it appeared in 1998. The original numbering is retained, and is unrelated to the JOMA issue numbers.

The impetus for the project came from the Geometry Center, a National Science and Technology Center, where the original CVM was housed. Sadly, the Geometry Center no longer exists, and the task of archiving this groundbreaking work has been taken up by JOMA.

The JOMA editor responsible for CVM is Davide Cervone, who was also one of the original CVM editors, along with Tom Banchoff. We thank both Davide and Tom for their efforts in making this archive possible. Please direct any questions or comments to Davide,

The pages that follow are intended as a prototype for the new electronic journal, Communications in Visual Mathematics, sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Special thanks are due to the Geometry Center where much of the software used in this project was developed.

The intent of the journal is to publish articles that cannot be presented adequately in conventional text format, either because they rely essentially or at least extensively on animations and interactive demonstrations, and/or because they make use of hypertext features with multiple linking and non-linear structure. An additional aim of this journal is to provide a variety of entry points to each of the articles, with background material available for the novice and indications of frontier research for the professionally adept reader.

This prototype is in process. It represents starting points for a number of ideas that are being developed by the editors in cooperation with authors and advisors. We have received a good deal of feedback from those who have seen earlier versions, and we hope to receive a great deal more. Some parts of this prototype are still being written. We hope to have the journal in full operation by the end of 1998.

Communications in Visual Mathematics
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