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Visualizing Space-Filling Curves with Fractals
(As Limits of Curves of Continuously Varying Dimension)

Table of Contents

Brief History
 - Space-filling Curves
- Fractals
Mathematical Background
 - Iterated Function Systems
- Similarity Dimension
- Cantor Sets
The Snowflake Curve
Definition of the Hilbert Curve
Connection to the Cantor Set
Some Dimension One Cantor Sets
The Peano Curves
The Sierpinski-Knopp Curve
Other Approaches: Area, Three-Dimensional Visualization
 - Area
- Three-Dimensional Visualization
Three-Dimensional Space-Filling Curves
Philosophical Considerations and Drawing Algorithms
Software and Source Codes

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Communications in Visual Mathematics, vol 1, no 1, August 1998.
Copyright © 1998, The Mathematical Association of America. All rights reserved.
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